About Us

AEON Research is an online Market Research company. Our team of super likeable humans combines decades of research experience with a nimble, disruptive startup mindset. We believe in making your life easier, and knowing when to say no – even when you don’t want to hear it.

  • Research Design & Analytics
  • Online Research
  • Specialty Panels

Custom Research

We believe that the best results come from designing more than “just a research engagement”, but a true 360-degree solution that builds over time, where the sum is much greater than the parts. We provide dedicated account teams that get to know our clients’ pain points and needs – sometimes before our clients even know them themselves. We repeat this process time and again, delivering big wins and value to our clients. The end result? Better products, services and business outcomes (meaning happy clients!).

  • Advertising Testing
  • Brand Awareness
  • Market Sizing / Segmentation
  • Concept Testing
  • Price Sensitivity
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Package Testing

Data Practices

Good data practices are important now more than ever due to the evergrowing data privacy regulations, and the sensitivity of the data collected. Our team of in-house experts and legal counsel ensure that we meet the most strict and current legal requirements.

  • Compliance:
    We abide by the standards and ethics guidelines of the numerous research oversight organizations we belong to including the Insights Association (CASRO/MRA), AAPOR, QRCA and ESOMAR.
  • Quality / Fraud Prevention:
    Fraud prevention checks at every stage of the data collection process help us weed out bots, speeders, straightliners and "professional respondents.“
  • Security:
    We take every reasonable measure to ensure our clients' and our respondents' data remains secure and confidential.

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